Monday, November 2

To do list - Meta edition

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This is in no particular order. I chose 32 items because it is my age, and I'm also due to meet some friends tonight.

1. Post a blog entry every day in November.
2. Jazz up the blog format and graphics.
3. Upload pictures.
4. Find an eye doc and get fitted for contact lenses.
5. Learn to walk in high heels (I'm deficient in some girly skills).
6. Learn to apply makeup (see previous note).
7. Attend Dickens workshops this weekend. Audition.
8. Make/gather/borrow costume for Dickens
9. Get to the gym several days a week. Weight training and cardio.
10. Start doing yoga (again).
11. Go to Disneyland for Drew's Day.
12. Reduce the amount of time I spend playing Bejeweled Blitz on FB. It is a symptom of anxiety and I know it.
13. Write thank-you notes.
14. Respond to handwritten letters with the same.
15. Mail Corey her dissertation inspiration shawl.
16. Go on more hikes.
17. paint my toenails.
18. decide to block or not to block Twitter followers who primarily post pron-ish links.
19. take myself to the movies.
20. get a new computer. Nothing fancy, just something that isn't held together with duct tape and string.
21. Find a new place to live. Nothing fancy, just somewhere I can bring a date home.
22. Find a new career path. While the babysitting and yarn-store and various pet-sitting, and faire-hawking jobs are enjoyable, I'm feeling a bit burned out on the retail-thing and I would much enjoy a "real" job for a change. Benefits and weekends off would be keen, too.
23. Laundry. I always need to do laundry. It should be on the revolving to do list.
24. clean out 20% of the items in my closet.
25. Weed my yarn stash and share/donate that which I do not plan on using.
26. Find a really great dress.
27. Collect fewer things. Let go of stuff that I have.
28. go somewhere fun. (I realize that this one could be more specific)
29. Have more music, more theater, more art, more singing in my life.
30. Cook more.
31. Spend more time at the beach and in nature.
32. Bake more.

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  1. ...and learn to sew. Something more that rectangles and hems.